How we brew

At Outer Limits we are proud to be brewing on the Peter Austin Brick Kettle System of which less than 200 have been installed worldwide. With a mix of open and closed fermentation our entire 10bbl system has been fabricated to our specific needs. Our beers reflect our desire to showcase our system as well as provide a little something for everyone. We hope you all enjoy!

Peter Austin Brick Kettle System

Peter Austin was responsible for a new concept of beer making: microbreweries. He founded Ringwood Brewery in 1978. He went on to open 40 breweries in the UK after which he began to work internationally building close to 140 breweries in 17 countries. After his passing, Alan Pugsley (Austin’s protégé) took over installing this system worldwide. Pugsley has worked close with us to fabricate our system to our specific needs.

This system is reliable, rugged, hands on and easy to operate. This system provides the flexibility and simplicity we were looking for in a brew system.


Here’s how it works!

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 6.47.34 PM.png

The Space